Feb 2020 was a weird month for a lot of reasons.  Covid 19 was really gaining a foothold in the mainstream media and our everyday lives.

I have always had a sensitive system – my lymph nodes under my arms, my neck and my groin have become increasingly “vocal” over the years when I over do it – too much rich food, too much coffee, too much sugar, too much soy are all triggers (among others).  When I over do it on these trigger foods – the lymph nodes noticeably swell up – but nothing that a good water detox and a couple of days of really clean eating hasn’t cleared up.

Somewhere in the last week of Feb, I was in the shower and cleaning under my left arm pit.  My hand stopped on raised area – a lump I could feel, but this time it was different – instead of being the normal swelling I would get from over indulgence, there was a hard pea sized lump – it felt different and from the moment I felt it, knew it didn’t belong where it was.

I called my Doctor to make an appointment within a couple of days, but this was right when Covid was getting into the full frenzy – patients were only seen on an emergency basis.  The receptionist said she would get the doctor to call me back – my 


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