Saddle Fitting – Ground Zero – Posture that affects Saddle Fit

There are 3 posture components that affect how your saddle sits on your horse back #1 – Compression in the withers (from posture or growth)#2 – Standing Camped under/behind their natural square with their front and/or hind legs#3 – A sternum that isn’t running the same as the Horizontal Center of Balance Don’t delay, Get…


Feet – How to map the foot from the bottom & side – How it shows in our horses posture

***This lesson may be shared with your farrier*** just copy and paste the Web link to send to them – it is not to be posted publicly on social media Caudal Hoof Collapse Trimming & Mapping Mapping for Shoeing: National Directory for ELPO Certified Farriers: How to see the collapse/angles through the tubules: