I asked members to make a voice clip of how the Performance Horse Academy has impacted them and their horses to share with others

Fall into the best savings through Oct 3rd!

  • All Bundles come with live learning through zoom – Tues & Thurs are Foundations Classes – Mon & Wed are Ultimate & Platinum classes.
    (So Ultimate & Platinum members can join 4 times per week

    • It is not like Facebook live – it doesn’t cut out, you can ask questions at anytime!

    • We do video reviews

    • Lesson Reviews

    • Subjects beyond the Lessons

  • We do a new drill challenge weekly – we go through the purpose – what you are going to do, you submit your drill and get a video back on what went well, what you can improve

  • Ultimate members get to submit a run or practice run weekly for top time stealers analysis every week to make sure you are staying on top of those pesky habits!

Our lesson content is online for you all the time, but what makes the Performance Horse Academy Special and Unique is the live weekly content!

All videos are put up for replay – as long as you have your live learning subscription active, you can access the hundred videos we have already!

We offer pay as you go plans to those who need to balance out payments over time - send an email to info@thepha.net or text Sam @ 888.938.4639

Flexibility - Rehab Replay

Leave us some feedback (Call a spade a spade, I do 🙂 to be entered to win some Performance Horse Academy swag!

Rehab Night #1

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