Stop Blaming Your Bit

Stop blaming your bit. Your bit has a bigger impact on the clock if you are in the approx 7-8% of elite riders that have a honed feel to the most minute pressure, but for the rest of the 91-92% of us in barrel racer land, there are a lot of other factors that are […]

How to Train your Dragon (or not)

One consistent theme shines through when competitors are winning at a high level.    Their trusty mounts have strong personalities and/or some quirks, all of them, usually pretty long lists too!    Lists of things they must have or can’t have.  When the needs on the list are met, they will slay the barrel pattern […]

Bred the Same “<>” The Same Horse

Are you treating your horse for who they are, or are you pigeonholing/stereotyping your horse?   The most common reasons Barrel Racers buy or breed barrel racing prospects are: -they want to replicate what they currently have -they want to replicate what they have had in the past -they want to replicate what someone else […]

Your Saddle Seat Size “<>” Your Self Worth

In accounting the greater than and less than sign in combination (<>) means “not equal to”.    We use it in auditing and reconciling to show which trial balances do not equal the statements they are supposed to match up to.   YOUR SADDLE SEAT SIZE IS NOT EQUAL TO YOUR SELF WORTH, WEIGHT, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, […]

Breeding Pedigrees and Odds of Outcomes

Have you ever wondered how and why crossing the exact same combination of mares and stallions doesn’t result in offspring with the same traits?    Welcome to the EXCITING world of Dominant and Recessive Genotypes!    There is however, a way to determine the odds.  Many believe that stallions have the most influence in the […]