Sept 30-2020 – Special Guest – Keira from Equus Physio

I remember meeting Keira & Thalia and being SO excited that there were other people so dedicated to helping horses and riders – The 1st Video is the replay from our session with Keira – How Physio therapy can help you and your horse -and how some different therapies work. The 2nd video is an […]

July 30-2020 Special Report – Hauling in the Heat

What an amazing community we have. Ask and you shall have answers. Thank you to Anne-marie for the great question, for those of us that are not used to hauling in the heat. Here is a great list of tried and tested methods from professional trainers who haul long distances and race in the heat […]

Special Guest – Monica Sem – Walking your Way to Success

Monica Sem became an partner first and while I was training her to use the interval equipment and software, I also taught her about bio-mechanics and how you can walk your way to sounder horses with better posture. She is one of the first people I helped with all of the bio-mechanics and intervals […]