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Did you know that your posture, your horse’s posture, turn style and approach influence speed? Even your saddle or horse’s feet can hinder your horse from reaching optimal speed.

We’ll help you to maximize all the components to stop tipping barrels and to get faster runs with a sounder, happier horse.

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Program Goals

You will receive INSTANT access to our lessons and replays
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Sounder, Happier Horse

Our program works for each individual horse depending on their own specific needs! Your horse will be so much happier when you understand their body better!

Faster Runs

1/2 second off the clock, guaranteed, with unlimited private coaching and lifetime access to our lessons and life learning.

100% Success Rate

Eliminate your frustrations by understanding why what you were doing isn’t working and how to change it.

The Program

We are VERY different from other online-based Courses/Programs
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All In Membership

Immediate Access

You get immediate access to all of the lessons and content for our program as soon as you sign up.


We create a blueprint for you and your horse. This tells you what tack adjustments you need, what path your horse needs, how fast you need to travel and anywhere your horse is struggling with their posture.

Live Group Sessions

You get weekly live group sessions with Q&A – you post your runs on our private & safe social feed – collaboration and celebration with other students!

Unlimited Private Sessions

We give you unlimited, private one-on-one sessions through Zoom to help you climb your way up the divisions!

100% Backed by Research

Performance Horse Academy content is built on proven data and we are proud to be the only program in the industry to be able to make that claim.

Get your Feet Wet

Barrel Horse Blueprint
& Saddle Fit Assessment

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“Sam has changed everything I thought I new about horses and barrel racing. My horses are faster, sounder and more consistent than they have ever been and my riding has improved so much with her guidance.”

~ Sara Thompson

“This program is amazing!! It’s opened my eyes to so many things!! It’s taken my riding to a whole new level!! Sam is amazing!!”

~ Lanette Lewis

“Sam takes a no nonsense, practical approach to both horse and rider that I love! Finding out WHY I struggle with a made-to-fit mold riding style and how to ride for my own body ratios has been nothing short of amazing! I am so looking forward to where this program takes us. Be ready and willing to make changes and Sam will go above and beyond for you”

~ Kimberly Lysyshyn




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