Classes July 26,27 & 28 – APP UPLOADING ISSUES

“its a great day to be alive, I know the suns still shining when I close my eyes.”..  this is one of my favorite lines in a song (Travis Tritt) and a good reminder

When we close our eyes, it sharpens all of our other senses – I use it often to concentrate for a moment and often to hear better.

Rocker Steiner mentioned that he closed his eyes during his $50,000 bareback ride at the 2022 and “went for it” – although this won’t work during our barrel racing runs, it can be a great tool for a moment before you run, to heighten your feel and your spatial awareness before you head into the arena.  It is also a great tool to shut off distractions and get focused.

I am out of the office today for Family Time – I have my 3 nephews and we are going to check out the Dinosaur Extravaganza that is currently on display in Winnipeg!
This means run reviews that came in over the weekend will get feedback Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon.

The app isn’t allowing people to upload pictures and videos right now –
I have sent 3 strongly worded emails and 7 support tickets and hope to see this fixed asap.

If you are sending in pictures or videos this week, use the website to make sure it comes through, sorry for the inconvenience!

This weeks classes:
Tues Jul 26 9:00 AM Riding for YOUR Win – Teaching yourself to stay in your own lane, setups, mentally and physicially for true progress
Wed Jul 27 9:00 PM Is it you or your Bit? How to actually see when the bit isn’t working, or is it the hands that are at fault
Thurs Jul 28 9:00 AM How to Fix being Inside the line Long forgotten friends and when to use them

See you all live or on the replay,


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