Classes & Pop ins – June 20-23

It is officially summer according to the solstice🌞!

Mother nature through us a curve ball this weekend sending hail and temps up to 39C/104F on the weekend – now I know for those of you that live down south you are thinking “HA, that’s nothing!” – but it really comes down to what you are accustomed to – The WARMEST day we had this spring before was 25C/77F – so quite the jump!

The same thing that stands for weather changes on our horses stands for ground changes – we need time to get accustomed and being out in it – working in it – using it – is the BEST way to know what to do with it.

So if you do 1 thing for your horse this week – go play in a different sandbox or vary the ground consistency in your own sandbox with the mindset to give them every opportunity to feel the difference and really let them learn what to do with it ❀

This weeks classes (All times Central Daylight Savings Time)
-Mon Jun 20 – 9pm – No Class
-Tues Jun 21 – 9am – The LOOONG run to 1st – how to balance no man’s land & getting on the inside of the arc
-Wed Jun 22 – 9pm – Learning to trust yourself and your practice – the tattletale that says you aren’t
-Thurs Jun 23 – 9am – Dr Patrick Cohn – Quitting

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Meeting ID: 838 2744 5413
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Zoom Pop In Schedule this week – Same Zoom Link
Tues @ 10am-11am
Wed @ 9:30pm-10:30pm
Thurs @ 10am-11am