Bundle – Foundations of Barrel Racing

The Information in this Course is the Foundation to all of our Courses

The Skeleton determines over 80% of the functional movement in both Horses & Humans.
What if you understood the strengths and challenges the skeleton brings to the table?
What if you knew how to make small adjustments to your posture to work with your horse’s skeleton to give them the best possible movement and performance?

Course Benefits

This course is designed to teach you how to see and understand some of the most important points of the skeleton, teaching you how your horse is “built to perform”.


We teach you how to distinguish between posture and build and how to assess your horses Strengths & Challenges – what will come easy for them in the Barrel Pen and what will be a challenge so you can support them in anyway they need it


How This Course Works

We always kick off new member registration with Boot Camp – we work through the lessons live with you  to give you a head start on the program.


To attend boot camp all you need to complete is the “Tell me about yourself & your horses”


When you mark all of those complete, a clock will start ticking in the background which will open the next lessons in 24 hours.


We have found that when people binge read the lessons, they don’t retain knowledge the same and we REALLY want you to retain this 🙂

Course Information


Course Instructor

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