We all need to make a choice whether it is going to be “One Day” or “Day One”

To me “One Day or Day one” is a choice you can make to either continue with “thinking” or to start planning to accomplish what you want. … Those who do the impossible are the ones who start planning on their goals, and not visualizing of doing them one day.

This is the remix of the Up A D Challenge with easy to digest bundle with accountability steps – Monday is going to be our check in day.

The best way to start a journey is to put one foot in front of one another – and this is what we are going to do to help you reach your goals and to USE the information contained in the Performance Horse Academy.
You don’t have to ride every day but you do need to check in mentally every day to make sure it is fresh and in front.

Smokers who smoke occasionally usually go back to their original smoking level or worse than their original smoking level. Riders who don’t hold themselves accountable are just as vulnerable to go back to their old habits just as quickly.

EVERY DAY is Day One

We are going to concentrate on One Thing – we are going to fill in the deep grooves of old habits – work to re-write muscle & active mind memories and we are going to keep it UNCOMPLICATED. When we conquer that it is still going to be on our weekly checklist, so it doesn’t get forgotten about and come creeping back in.

We are going to find your biggest “Cause” of your issues – both human & horse and break it down to steps and build it back up again – Over and Over.

All Members will get information based on their program level, a human and horse assessment will be used to make up your action plan – and we will reassess them weekly.

Today’s Day One – is to simply decide if it is “Day One” or if you are sticking with “One Day”

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