Today is about Self Care & Using Root Cause

Sometimes the things we do that aren’t good for ourselves aren’t the root cause – just effects from other things.

I am addicted to working on my computer – I tell myself I am “working” but the reality is, I never make the choice to stop. I lie to myself and tell myself I will slow down “when I catch up” – spend more time outside, etc.

It is a Lie because I just keep piling on work – I make the list soooo long I will never get to the bottom of it.

It is stopping me from reaching my goals with Dan (My horse) because I do computer work instead of working with him.

My Self Care Day 1 is acknowledging that I am addicted to my computer and my work and I need to set limits EVERY DAY – and take a day off from the computer COMPLETELY at least once a week.

For my relationship, for my mental health and for my physical health because it affects all 3 of them.

What is your self care Day One?

Write it somewhere – you don’t have to tell me, but you can if you want accountability.

Be mindful of choosing a cause not an effect – things like over eating can be caused by underlying stress and we eat to sooth our feelings – but the food isn’t the cause in this situation.

Love Sam

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