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**If you are taking pictures of a black or dark bay horse you need some kind of light or sun behind you shinning on the horse so I can see their contours***

Detailed question concern:
-Call or text 1.701.401.2376
-Email info@perfhorseacademy.com

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Website Message System, or Email

All pictures, info and videos need to be sent using the uploads part of the website

– go to messages
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– my name in the system is Samantha Winslow (See picture below)

How to send me a message in the messaging system

All information/pictures/videos are uploaded on the Uploads Tab, then choose the option you are uploading
Saddle Fitting/Blueprints will not be processed until all pictures and videos are received.

I am a very passionate human who has put in a lot of energy into research to build this program
– I do make mistakes so please give me the courtesy to contact me if something is wrong
– I never judge or criticize but I speak bluntly, which is sometimes perceived incorrectly.
– All horses have posture “things” going on, including my own – Horses & Humans are always work in progress.
– If you disagree with something I have published or want clarification on where/how I came to a conclusion, please ask, I am an open book.
– I am still researching and so data gets finer tuned all the time
– The program only works if you apply all of it, it is not a pick and choose system

Blueprints are processed – 1st completed, 1st processed
When all of your info & images are in
– you will get an email & text notification when it is ready for you to view
– Blueprints/Saddle Fitting are complete when you have completed all 5 sections:
Rider Info
Horse Info
Build/Posture Pics
Feet Pics
Saddle Pics
Blueprint Videos
– You only need to complete Rider info 1 time if you are doing multiple blueprints.
When you will get feedback:
– I try to get blueprints processed within 48 hours after ALL of the parts are in – Mon-Thurs

We have 4 discount periods/sales per year that are subject to having room in the program to accept new students.
Broke as Feb (Month of Feb)
May Days (last 2 weeks of May)
Thanksgiving Givings x 2 (First 2 weeks of Oct & Last week of Nov/First Week of Dec because US & Canada have different Thanksgivings πŸ™‚

Measurements Needed: (inches using closest to 1/4’s)so 11 1/2 is my slot size
1. Measure from top of shoulder to Iliac crest (where your hip bone sticks out)
2. Center of Knee to Center of Ankle
3. Iliac Crest (where your hip bone sticks out the front) to center of knee
Info Needed:
1. Do you horse have any chronic lameness or injuries that affect movement?
2. How long have you been riding?
3. How long have you been barrel racing?
4. Have you ridden/competed in any other disciplines?
5. Have you ever been coached before in an athletic event?
Pictures needed:
1. Rider Build – Stand relaxed and take picture from belly button height – using the built in timer on your phone is handy. Stand with your ankles below your iliac crest (where you can feel your hip bones in the front)
Mark where you hip bones are and the bottom of your rib cage in the front.
Your tape might touch – I have a VERY long lumbar spine so don’t think your picture should look like mine πŸ™‚

2. Slot Size – Inside of Elbow to Purlicue (the bottom of the V between your index finger and thumb)

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Measurements Needed (See image below)
Send in inches using closest to 1/4’s inch
1. How wide is your horse from the center of knee to center of knee?
2. How tall is your horse at the SI (tallest point of the hip to the ground)?
3. How long is the distance from the center of the hock to the center of the fetlock joint?
4. How long is the distance from the hock to the hip joint?
Info Needed:
1. Horse Barn Name
2. Year Horse was born
3. How long have you been riding this horse?
4. Does THIS HORSE have any chronic lameness/injuries that affect movement?
5. What are you struggling the most/what is your biggest time stealer?

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Left Side & Right Side Pictures
1. Stand half way between the front and hind legs
2. Use the grid feature on your phone – make sure the feet are level with the bottom of the picture
3. I need to see ground and sky (above and below so not too close)
4. Make sure your horse is standing on level ground
5. Make sure the horse is standing reasonably straight and square – don’t square them up – but make sure there neck is out in front of them – not turned towards you or away from you
Front of Body:
1. Hold phone at pectoral height
2. Head straight out in front of the body
3. Need to see bottom of neck, the shoulder points and pectoral muscles so make sure their head isn’t down
4. Make sure they are reasonably square (on foot not way in front of the other) but don’t square them up
Hind End:
1. I need to see ground & sky so stand back
2. Hold your phone at stifle height
3. Make sure they are reasonably square (on foot not way in front of the other) but don’t square them up
Up Over the Back:
1. Make sure their feet are reasonably square and take a picture from the hind of their back

Unless I request extra pictures – you just need to send pictures of the side of all 4 feet
1. Take at ground level
2. I need to see a good amount of canon bone and the ground, so step back
3. Make sure your horse is standing square as possible – see lesson on standing square

Pictures Needed:
1. No pad – Saddle on Horse – Side View – not cinched up – make sure you don’t have the girth over the seat
2. No pad – Saddle on Horse – Front View
3. No pad – Saddle on Horse – View from back
4. Horse fully tacked up like you are going to make a run – this includes any head gear – Side View
5. Horse fully tacked up with Rider on – Side View
6. Measuring tape across side of saddle, just below swells and cantle

  1. Recent runs (maximum of 3) – if you are riding a colt, send what level you are at
  2. Slow work – walking, trotting, loping in full tack that you run in and posture you run/work in – both leads/directions – about 30 seconds in each gate.
    -You can set your phone on a tripod or fence and go back and forth in front of it – far enough away to see ground and sky, or someone can follow you while you work
    -If you are riding a colt – use the gear you are using right now
  3. Your horse walking over an elevated pole at front knee height – both directions – 3 times each

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