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Letter from your coach,

Samantha Winslow-Holmes

About an hour and a half before it happened, I called it – and had the balls to tell someone about it.

I told Calgary Stampede Announcer Brett Gardiner that Kassie Mowry was going to set the Arena Record at Calgary…

His first response was “but what about Wenda Johnson?” – I called it again – I said “Wenda is going to be fast, but after watching Kassie this morning in practice – she has the line to 1st figured and she is going to break it.

How did I know this?

It wasn’t a half-hearted prediction – I watched the mistake she made on her line to 1st the day before – my heart broke like the other 20,000 people in the stadium as that barrel came down – but I watched her diligently make a correction in practice the next morning, I knew the ground conditions were faster with the humidity and that is how I knew it was hers for the taking…

I don’t watch barrel racing the same as anyone else.  

If you put in the miles and hours I have researching barrel racing – you wouldn’t watch barrel racing the same either.

A million runs on intervals – thousands of runs on overhead videos and a trained eye for locomotion and biomechanics in both humans and horses is how I “watch” barrel racing.

Barrel racing is my passion – whether I am in the arena myself or cheering from the outside, it makes my heart beat faster, my eyes brighter and awakens my soul.

I am a huge fan of Kassie and have studied her riding – we have a lot of lessons in the program about how technically correct she is as a rider and why her stats are better than any other barrel racer in the industry – she is truly the GOAT – whether the industry recognizes it or not – her stats say so.

As a special celebration of Kassie breaking the arena record at the 2022 Calgary Stampede, I have put together my 5 favorite Performance Horse Academy Lessons that are about Kassie or feature her and her horses, and we are giving free access for a very limited time…

3 Lessons

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Kassie’s Turn Posture

We need great lines and great posture to have great turns  – this lesson highlights the most common problems riders have in their own turns and how Kassie does it differently.


What tools you and your horse’s need to get to the Big Shows like Calgary.
There is so much more to big events than the pattern and the ground – all of the things we forget to practice.

Crooked Patterns

Calgary has a crooked pattern – 2 feet can make a huge difference – do you and your horse know how to find your backside when the pattern isn’t straight with the arena walls?

Start transforming your barrel racing career with FREE lessons featuring Kassie Mowry and her horses.