G’s Organic – Special Guest

G’s Organic is the only product that has been PROVEN to prevent colic and has amazing results in aiding your horse get their hind gut healthy – which affects everything from nutrient absorption to the ph level to electrolyte levels!  All proven by Guelph university, the leading equine research institution in Canada.

Have a listen to the research prior to class if you want to hear more.


My own experience with G’s

I bought a sick horse – I didn’t know he was sick – I just thought he needed “a little more groceries” – insert a 1 and a 1/2 year battle with diarrea, multiple visits to different vets, osteopaths, every supplement I could get my hands on – probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, zesterra, gastro guard and nothing would work.

In July 2020 – on full pasture, full worming protocol, free choice loose pink salt, iodized salt and loose mineral and zero riding – this is what my 6 year old gelding Dan looked like.

Insert G’s – The next picture is 3 weeks after feeding Dan G’s Formula twice a day – NOTHING else – no grain, nothing.

And this picture is 6 weeks after the 1st picture – Sept 2020

Because Dan’s guts were such a mess, G’s will be a part of his life going forward.

G’s has been the most consistently successful product for student’s to get the inflammation out of the belly and flank:
Kristen’s mare – Look at her Belly & Flank area after 2 weeks of G’s

Kelsie’s mare after a week on G’s