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Structure/Posture Analysis

  • I need 7 pictures - All Pictures

    • the horse standing naturally
    • don't set up their feet - don't touch their head
    • the bottom of their feet closest to you should be equal distance from the bottom of the picture so the picture is squared up.
    • Tie to fence post if possible (except the pic with yourself on horse - you need help for that or a tripod
    • If possible make sure the side pictures of your horse I can see the whole foot (not in deep sand or long grass)

    1. Front view of feet and chest - try to have the front feet somewhat square unless the horse never stands that way
    2. Hind View of back legs - put an elastic or braid on the horses tail.
    3. Left Side View - nothing on horse
    4. Right Side View - nothing on horse
    5. Side View - saddle only - no pad - no girth done up - walk the horse in a big 30 foot circle so the saddle sits where it wants to - then take picture
    6. Side View - saddle with pad cinched up
    7. Side View - You on horse with full tack holding reins

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