We have 3 options for you

Saddle Fitting

  • You get access to our posture, saddle fit & feet lessons
  • We do an in depth assessment of your current saddle fit for both you and your horse
  • We highlight areas of concern in posture & feet
  • You can book 2 zoom calls within 30 days of getting your assessment back
  • You have access to Saddle Fitting Lessons for 3 months
  • You can upgrade your Blueprint within 30 days and the cost of the saddle fitting will be deducted from your blueprint
  • There are no refunds on saddle fitting


  • You get access to our build, tack, posture, saddle fit, & feet lessons
  • We do an in depth assessment of your current saddle fit for both you and your horse
  • We highlight areas of concern in posture, feet & pattern
  • You can book 4 zoom calls within 3 months of signing up
  • You have access to lessons for 3 months
  • We go over the build of your horse and what will suit them best including size of pattern, type of ground, shape of turn and speed they should travel
  • There are no refunds on blueprints

All In Membership

  • Riders under 18 years of age at sign up may share their login with a parent or guardian
  • A Blueprint is a pre-requisite to the All in Membership
  • You get unlimited zoom calls and recorded reviews with a 1/2 second guarantee as long as you stay engaged. This requires sending in practice work videos or booking live zoom riding sessions at a minimum of weekly.
  • You need to see both practice work and runs
  • We have at least 1 live lessons & 1 Q&A sessions weekly (with the exception of planned time off) you can watch live or watch the replay
  • Once you achieve your 1/2 second off your run time, you can add more zoom calls on to continue your coaching
  • If you have a young or green horse, your 1/2 second will start after your 5th competition run.
  • As a member, you can add additional horses to your account at a cost
  • If your horse gets hurt, you can substitute another horse
  • You get 1 year of website access
  • Refunds – if you do not feel the program is for you after getting your blueprint back and watching less than 10 lessons within the first 30 days after purchase, we will refund your membership cost less the cost of a blueprint.

Membership Rules

  • Memberships are for PERSONAL USE ONLY
  • If you are a paid barrel racing clinician you cannot purchase a membership
  • We reserve the right to terminate the 1/2 second guarantee and site/lesson access if you ghost/abandon the program, do not login or do not send in practice work/runs for more than 90 days
  • You may not share, teach or instruct non-members, the information or any content delivered by the Performance Horse Academy or Samantha Winslow with non-members without express written permission
  • ALL OF OUR RESEARCH AND LESSONS ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. Failure to comply with the rules above will have you removed from the membership program and possible legal action.

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“Sam has changed everything I thought I new about horses and barrel racing. My horses are faster, sounder and more consistent than they have ever been and my riding has improved so much with her guidance.”

~ Sara Thompson

“This program is amazing!! It’s opened my eyes to so many things!! It’s taken my riding to a whole new level!! Sam is amazing!!”

~ Lanette Lewis

“Sam takes a no nonsense, practical approach to both horse and rider that I love! Finding out WHY I struggle with a made-to-fit mold riding style and how to ride for my own body ratios has been nothing short of amazing! I am so looking forward to where this program takes us. Be ready and willing to make changes and Sam will go above and beyond for you”

~ Kimberly Lysyshyn

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