Barrel horse blueprint
& SAddle fit assessment

How to get started and what will be expected of you

We’ll guide you through the blueprint & assessment every step of the way

Step 1:

Send us pictures and videos of your horse and runs within the first weeks. (We’ll send you a list of all the pictures we need.) You’ll have access to recommended lessons to watch while we process your uploads

Step 2:

Your pictures & videos are processed within 72 business hours

Step 3:

We provide feedback and a detailed plan of action to improve your runs

Step 4:

You have to send videos of your practice runs in order for us to make further recommendations

Step 5:

You can choose the method in which you would like to receive feedback – zoom meeting or recorded feedback

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Our Blueprints give you the most in depth look at your horses posture and build.
We can tell you what shape of turn you need, how much arc you need on your line to the 1st barrel, tell you how fast you should run, what ground will be easiest for your horse to run in and so much more!

Your horses skeleton accounts for a minimum of 80% of their athletic capacity.  Therefore, you really need to know how your horse is built to work!

The Topics Covered

A peek inside the Barrel Horse Blueprint & Saddle Fit Assessment


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