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Why Choose The Performance Horse Academy?

We Teach Through Live, Written Information, Visual References & Video Review/Analysis

We answer all the questions you are wondering about!

  • What Bit Should I Use?
  • What Saddle?
  • Is My Horse Travelling Sound?
  • Am I Going Fast Enough?
  • Why Does My Horse Shoulder?

We will show you what adjustments to make in your pattern to maximize your horses soundness while beating the clock - it doesn't get any better than that!



  • Tipped Barrels
  • Running Up The Wall
  • Running By A Barrel
  • Shouldering
  • Or ANY Of The Other Issues We ALL Struggle With!

The Learning Path

  • We all start with Foundations Lessons – it teaches you everything you need to know about how your horse is built to work – it is basically your horses movement instruction manual.

  • The Ultimate Lessons are everything you need to know about the pattern, the movement, bits, tie-downs & bonnets, what size circle, how to do a circle properly, what speed you need to travel, mental toughness and the ability to dissect your runs and find your root cause and stop schooling on effects.

  • The Platinum Package is for the serious competitor with goals who wants one on one instruction and to fast track through the system.

  • The course content will stay in your account – there is no time limit – you can access a new lesson group daily.

  • Every Bundle comes with 6 months of Live Learning Classes & Replays with the option to renew every 6 months.

  • Members can purchase upgrades at any time – So if you purchase Foundations, you can purchase the ultimate lessons at any time ($199 per group for 4 groups)

Fall Special!

Receive a FREE Assessment (valued @ $99) with the purchase of ANY bundle!



Individual Courses

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