The Performance Horse Academy COURSES and LESSONS are for personal use only - if you are a paid clinician or provide assessments it is a conflict of interest for to take our program. ANYONE may purchase our Job Analysis
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    Are you a Barrel Racer?
    We have 2 different ways to help you:

    1 – Take our courses and use the knowledge & tools:

    • To get your horse travelling sounder & faster!

    • To get you consistently clocking better in the barrel pen

    • To choose a better prospect the next time you are in the market

    • To eliminate the frustrations you feel from not knowing what is “right” for you and your horse – tack, pattern, ground – we have the answers you need!

    2- Have an Analysis done on your horse:

    • We perform an in depth analysis on your horse’s posture and highlight areas of concern

    • We perform a 13 point analysis on the skeletal and muscular structure of your horse and how easy barrel racing will be for them

    • We show you the 3 biggest time stealers happening in your run right now

    • We send that back to you in a 15-20 minute video explanation with a pdf report

    Wondering how we do it? This is how:

    We take our research that is all backed by the timer and functional bio-mechanics and apply it to YOU and YOUR HORSE – This is the ONLY program in the industry that takes into account how both You & YOUR HORSE are BUILT TO MOVE AND WORK – this is why we also can offer a RESULTS GURANTEE.

    1. Sign up for a Bundle, Package or Single Course

    2. We create a personalized program with our lesson data for you and your horse

    3. You access the course content immediately to start learning – within 48 hours of sending in your videos and pictures, EVERY Lesson is directly related back to YOU & YOUR HORSE so you can fully understand what, why & how.

    4. Every lesson will have suggestions on how to get from where you are to where you need to be with action items.

    5. Each lesson has a 9 minute video summary & a full text & picture summary to accommodate all learning styles.

    6. Group Live Learning through Zoom – 15+ live classes per month with 6 months of replays available all the time.  You can binge as much information as your brain can handle!

    7. Need clarification? You can ALWAYS book a private zoom call with Sam – no extra charge!

    Results Guaranteed!

    We are the only horse related course with a results guarantee!

    This is because our program is backed by interval timing data, functional bio-mechanics and physics.


    • Nothing expires and there are NO Time Limits on the course content!

    • Access to help through private live Zoom calls without paying extra!

    • We individualize the content for you and your horse – that is the biggest difference to any other course or clinic in the equine industry!

    Get into a Course Bundle (Best Savings!)



    The Foundations teach you all of the elements of posture needed for soundness and athletic movement for your horse and yourself – it looks a little different for all of us – we go through your horse’s body from head to toe, find your horses muscle atrophy or overdevelopment – teach you how to line up their skelton properly and get the soundness back in their movement which is a key element to speed and clocking.

    Ridings Aids We go through all of your equipment – Saddles & Pads to Bits, Spurs, Whips & Tie-Downs to make the most out of what you have, find the things that are hindering your soundness and time on the clock and find better solutions.




    This Bundle takes the Foundations knowledge to the Barrel Pen and gives you all of the in depth information you need, plus a mental mindset to take that up a notch and bring strategy and planning to your game day!

    The Ultimate Lessons are everything you need to know about the pattern, the movement, bits, tie-downs & bonnets, what size circle, how to do a circle properly, what speed you need to travel, mental toughness and the ability to dissect your runs and find your root cause and stop schooling on effects.



    We will not be taking any Private Coaching Members at this time. We will have a few openings for Private Coaching in mid 2021.

    Do you have immediate goals and are in “Get $hit handled RIGHT NOW” mode?

    The Platinum Private Coaching package is for the serious athlete with short term goals – custom plans are designed for you and your horse and you get immediate access to help when needed.

    Live Riding Sessions using the PIVO recorder to get that live in the moment results.

    Only 10 people are accepted into Private Coaching at a time.

    Get into a Course Package

    Did you know we offer Assessments?

    Wanting an analysis of your horses strengths & challenges?  

    Wondering how they will handle different ground and pattern set ups/sizes?

    Our Assessment is right for you!

    Looking for a challenge outside of regular runs?

    Bundle & Package members can Join the Drill Challenges to up your game, get critiques and build you and your horses confidence off the pattern