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Why Choose The Performance Horse Academy?

We asked our members how The Performance Horse Academy has impacted them.

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Anne-marie Russ - DVM - Bellis, AB
Brooke Patton - Calgary, AB
Candis Molde - Parkbeg, SK
Cora Wutch - Medicine Hat, AB
Dina Miller - Rifle, Colorado
Janeen Rivard - St Eustache, MB
Jessica Barto - Chisholm, Minnesota
Lanette Lewis - Moose Jaw, SK
Trina Marshall - Medicine Hat, AB
Wendy Playfair - Leslieville, AB

We give you the answers to all of the hard questions!

  • What Bit Should I Use?
  • Does my Saddle Fit?
  • Is My Horse Travelling Sound?
  • Am I Going Fast Enough?
  • What path is the best one for my horse?

We will show you what adjustments to make in your pattern to maximize your horses soundness while beating the clock - it doesn't get any better than that!

No More Wondering Why you are:

  • Knocking Barrels
  • Running Up The Wall
  • Running By A Barrel
  • Shouldering
  • Or ANY Of The Other Issues We ALL Struggle With!

We will show you WHY it is happening and HOW to stop it!

The Learning Path

We Teach Through Live, Written Information, Visual References & Video Review/Analysis

  • We all start with Foundations Lessons – it teaches you everything you need to know about how your horse is built to work – it is basically your horses instruction manual – how they are built to work.

  • The Ultimate Lessons are everything you need to know about the pattern, the movement, bits, tie-downs & bonnets, what size circle, how to do a circle properly, what speed you need to travel, mental toughness and the ability to dissect your runs and find your root cause and stop schooling on effects.

  • The Platinum Package is for the serious competitor with goals who wants one on one instruction and to fast track through the system.

  • The course content will stay in your account for life- there is no time limit – you can access a new lesson group daily.

  • Every Bundle comes with 6 months of Live Learning Classes & Replays with the option to renew every 6 months.

  • Members can purchase upgrades at any time – So if you purchase Foundations, you can purchase the ultimate lessons at any time ($199 per group for 4 groups)

Fall Special!

Receive a FREE Assessment (valued @ $99) with the purchase of ANY bundle!


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