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  • Barrel Horse Blueprint & Saddle Fit Assessment


    What shape of turn do you need?  Is ground going to effect your horse? How is their posture?  Is the saddle right for both of you?
    Our custom Barrel Horses Blueprint will tell you!
    Your horses skeleton accounts for a minimum of 80% of their athletic capacity.

    After you purchase:
    Step 1:
    Send us pictures and videos of your horse and runs (there is a full list on the getting started page, with examples
    You’ll have access to the posture lessons only until your blueprint is processed
    Step 2:
    Your pictures & videos are processed within 72 business hours (Mon to Thurs 9-4 – 1st in, 1st processed)
    Step 3:
    We provide images and videos of your horses assessment and recommend actions to take to help make changes

    Blueprints can book up to 3 zoom calls within 30 days of getting your blueprint back to go over the information, get help and clarification