Barrel Horse Blueprint & Saddle Fit Assessment


Is your horse built to be a Barrel Horse?  Is ground going to effect them? How fast are they built to be?  Our custom Barrel Horses Blueprint will tell you! 

Your horses skeleton accounts for a minimum of 80% of their athletic capacity.  Therefore, you really need to know how your horse is built to work!

You send us pictures (we send you a list of 7 we need) and a video of a run and:

  • We will send you back a narrated video via Vimeo that is is 15-20 minutes long, explaining your analysis in detail.
  • You can then book 2 Zoom calls
    • 1 to answer any questions you have from the analysis
    • 1 more follow up with another run within 3 weeks of receive your analysis from us for a progress check
  • Top 3 Time Stealers
  • Any of your horses posture concerns
  • What about their structure makes barrel racing easy/hard
  • Tack analysis for both Rider & Horse
  • What ground will challenge your horse
  • What pattern components your horse will need

After checking out you will receive an email with link to a form that needs to be filled out with pictures needed for the assessment.