Foundations 1-6 Package

This is where Our Program starts!  This is a Package that consists of Foundation 1-6 Courses.

The Foundations teach you all of the elements of posture needed for soundness and athletic movement for your horse and yourself – it looks a little different for all of us – we go through your horse’s body from head to toe, find your horses muscle atrophy or overdevelopment – teach you how to line up their skeleton properly and get the soundness back in their movement which is a key element to speed and clocking.


Foundations 1 - Posture & Form

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Foundations 2 - The Center of Balance

The Center of Balance is so critical to a human but also to horses. Connecting the 2 is one of the most important factors of keeping your horse sound, yourself sound and performing your best.

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Foundations 3 - Body Connections

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Foundations 4 - Stride Length

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Foundations 5 - Stability & The Foot

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Foundations 6 - Muscle Foundation & Stages of Growth

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The Foundation Courses give you in depth knowledge & tools on WHY & HOW your horses skeleton determines their ability more than any other part of their body.


When you complete The Foundations you will:

  • Know if your horse is “built” for barrel racing

  • How to asses your horses posture/structure and how to see soundness

  • How Flexible your horse is built to be

  • How to Identify False Flexibility

  • How to pick a prospect by the Style you like before they are old enough to ride

  • How to assess your horses soundness before taking them elsewhere

  • How to find a horses Center of Balance and why it is important

  • How to assess your own center of balance

  • How to know what angle your horses feet are supposed to be

  • Why Human Elbows are so important to successful barrel racing

  • Why the Sternum, Breastbone and Rib cage tell us a lot about our horses movement

  • How to tell if your horse is Collected, Engaged, neither or both