Riding Aids 1-4 Package

This package includes Riding Aids 1-4.

Ridings Aids We go through all of your equipment – Saddles & Pads to Bits, Spurs, Whips & Tie-Downs to make the most out of what you have, find the things that are hindering your soundness and time on the clock and find better solutions.


Riding Aids - Part 1 - Saddle Fit

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Riding Aids - Part 2 - Bits & Reins

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Riding Aids - Part 3 - Tie Downs, Bonnets, Whips & Spurs

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Riding Aids - Part 4 - Boots & Wraps

Most of the information available on Boots & Wraps is provided by the companies selling them – find out more about the proof of what works best for what and how to test it all at the end of the day.

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Riding Aids (aka Equipment) Lessons
  • What to measure to make sure your saddle fits you (hint – it is NOT the seat size!)
  • Where your saddle belongs on YOUR horse
  • How to see if the saddle fits the horses back with posture adjustments
  • How to see if your Pad creating a false saddle fit or dragging your saddle forward
  • Which Bits work for you arms, upper body and horse (Tack room Clean out after this lesson!)
  • How to know if your horse needs a Tie Down or Bonnet? Some do and it is cruel to ask them to go without!
  • Fitting Boots & Wraps – what does your horse need, what is optional
  • How to know if your horse needs spurs or if you are restricting movement with them