The Platinum Private Coaching Bundle

We will not be taking any Private Coaching Members at this time. Openings for Private Coaching resumes on Jan, 2021

Do you have immediate goals and are in “Get $hit handled RIGHT NOW” mode?

The Platinum Private Coaching package is for the serious athlete with short term goals – custom plans are designed for you and your horse and you get immediate access to help when needed.


This is for the serious competitor with big goals in mind – this bundle has one to one personalized program & coaching you need to reach the highest level and your goals.


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The Platinum Competitor Bundle has all of the amazing benefits of the Grow Your Knowledge & Ultimate Barrel Racer Bundles with Private Coaching Add on!



Live Riding Sessions using the PIVO recorder to get that live in the moment results.

Only 10 people are accepted into Private Coaching at a time.


When you complete The Foundations you will:
  • Know if your horse is “built” for barrel racing
  • How to asses your horses posture and structure and how to see soundness
  • How Flexible your horse is built to be
  • How to Identify False Flexibility
  • How to pick a prospect by the Style you like before they are old enough to ride
  • How to assess your horses soundness before taking them elsewhere
  • How to find a horses Center of Balance and why it is important
  • How to assess your own center of balance
  • How to know what angle your horses feet are supposed to be
  • Why Human Elbows are so important to successful barrel racing
  • Why the Sternum, Breastbone and Rib cage tell us a lot about our horses movement
  • How to tell if your horse is Collected, Engaged, neither or both
  • My Barrel Horse – Recipe for Success – Our Copyright protected tool for members only
    Plug in your horses information and it tells you which aspects of barrel racing will be easy/challenging and some tools to prioritize helping your horse
Then we roll into Movement, Equipment, The Dynamics of The Barrel Racing Pattern, Mind Management
  • Riding Aids (aka Equipment) Lessons
    • What to measure to make sure your saddle fits you (hint – it is NOT the seat size!)
    • Where your saddle belongs on YOUR horse
    • How to see if the saddle fits the horses back with posture adjustments
    • How to see if your Pad creating a false saddle fit or dragging your saddle forward
    • Which Bits work for you arms, upper body and horse (Tack room Clean out after this lesson!)
    • How to know if your horse needs a Tie Down or Bonnet? Some do and it is cruel to ask them to go without!
    • Fitting Boots & Wraps – what does your horse need, what is optional
    • How to know if your horse needs spurs or if you are restricting movement with them
  • Functional Movement Lessons
    • How to do effortless correct circles and transitions
    • How to see if your horse is moving in unison front to back
    • How to assess your horses speed and see if you are going too fast
    • What each gate should look like with your horses build
  • Barrel Racing Essentials Lessons
    • What is the fastest path for YOUR horse based on their build
    • What size circle your horse needs to clock best
    • What your Arc & Line to the 1st Barrel need to be
    • How to practice a Standard Pattern in a small pen
    • How to make adjustments for Ground Conditions for your horses build
  • Mind Management Lessons
    • How & when to Pivot physically & mentally
    • How to add strategy to Barrel Racing to place and win more often and how this stops overthinking and worrying
    • How to be OK with yourself and stop sweating the small stuff
    • How to get your Thinking Brain & Feeling Brain working together (an absolute MUST for Winning)
    • Putting the Pieces together in a run – diffusing pressure for both you and your horse