Ultimate Barrel Racer Bundle

This Bundle takes the Foundations knowledge to the Barrel Pen and gives you all of the in depth information you need, plus a mental mindset to take that up a notch and bring strategy and planning to your game day!

The Ultimate Lessons are everything you need to know about the pattern, the movement, bits, tie-downs & bonnets, what size circle, how to do a circle properly, what speed you need to travel, mental toughness and the ability to dissect your runs and find your root cause and stop schooling on effects.



Foundations 1 - Posture & Form

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Foundations 2 - The Center of Balance

The Center of Balance is so critical to a human but also to horses. Connecting the 2 is one of the most important factors of keeping your horse sound, yourself sound and performing your best.

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Foundations 3 - Body Connections

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Foundations 4 - Stride Length

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Foundations 5 - Stability & The Foot

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Foundations 6 - Muscle Foundation & Stages of Growth

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Riding Aids - Part 1 - Saddle Fit

Riding Aids - Part 2 - Bits & Reins

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Riding Aids - Part 3 - Tie Downs, Bonnets, Whips & Spurs

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Riding Aids - Part 4 - Boots & Wraps

Most of the information available on Boots & Wraps is provided by the companies selling them – find out more about the proof of what works best for what and how to test it all at the end of the day.

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Functional Movement - Part 1 - Posture In Gaits

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Functional Movement - Part 2 - Unison & Pairs

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Functional Movement - Part 3 - Circles & Transitions

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Functional Movement - Part 4 - Speed & Ground

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Barrel Racing Essentials - Part 1 - Fastest Path

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Barrel Racing Essentials - Part 2 - Your Line To 1st

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Barrel Racing Essentials - Part 3 - How Fast Is Too Fast?

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Barrel Racing Essentials - Part 4 - Pattern Sizes & Adjustments

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Mind Management - Part 1 - Progress & Pivoting

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Mind Management - Part 2 - Change Your Actions, Not Yourself

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Mind Management - Part 3 - Thinking Brain & Feeling Brain

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Mind Management - Part 4 - Putting The Pieces Together For A Performance

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The Ultimate Barrel Racing Package is for the serious barrel racer who wants to move up at least a D and get clocking!


  • Foundations 1-6

  • Riding Aids 1-4

  • Functional Movement 1-4

  • Barrel Racing Essentials 1-4

  • Mind Management 1-4

  • Digital Ultimate Workbooks for 2 Horses

  • 9 Run Assessments

  • 9 Drill Challenge Assessments

  • Live Learning Replays

  • Zoom Live Learning Calls

When you complete The Foundations you will:

  • Know if your horse is “built” for barrel racing

  • How to asses your horses posture and structure and how to see soundness

  • How Flexible your horse is built to be

  • How to Identify False Flexibility

  • How to pick a prospect by the Style you like before they are old enough to ride

  • How to assess your horses soundness before taking them elsewhere

  • How to find a horses Center of Balance and why it is important

  • How to assess your own center of balance

  • How to know what angle your horses feet are supposed to be

  • Why Human Elbows are so important to successful barrel racing

  • Why the Sternum, Breastbone and Rib cage tell us a lot about our horses movement

  • How to tell if your horse is Collected, Engaged, neither or both

  • My Barrel Horse – Recipe for Success – Our Copyright protected tool for members only

    Plug in your horses information and it tells you which aspects of barrel racing will be easy/challenging and some tools to prioritize helping your horse

Then we roll into Movement, Equipment, The Dynamics of The Barrel Racing Pattern, Mind Management

  • Riding Aids (aka Equipment) Lessons

    • What to measure to make sure your saddle fits you (hint – it is NOT the seat size!)

    • Where your saddle belongs on YOUR horse

    • How to see if the saddle fits the horses back with posture adjustments

    • How to see if your Pad creating a false saddle fit or dragging your saddle forward

    • Which Bits work for you arms, upper body and horse (Tack room Clean out after this lesson!)

    • How to know if your horse needs a Tie Down or Bonnet? Some do and it is cruel to ask them to go without!

    • Fitting Boots & Wraps – what does your horse need, what is optional

    • How to know if your horse needs spurs or if you are restricting movement with them

  • Functional Movement Lessons

    • How to do effortless correct circles and transitions

    • How to see if your horse is moving in unison front to back

    • How to assess your horses speed and see if you are going too fast

    • What each gate should look like with your horses build

  • Barrel Racing Essentials Lessons

    • What is the fastest path for YOUR horse based on their build

    • What size circle your horse needs to clock best

    • What your Arc & Line to the 1st Barrel need to be

    • How to practice a Standard Pattern in a small pen

    • How to make adjustments for Ground Conditions for your horses build

  • Mind Management Lessons

    • How & when to Pivot physically & mentally

    • How to add strategy to Barrel Racing to place and win more often and how this stops overthinking and worrying

    • How to be OK with yourself and stop sweating the small stuff

    • How to get your Thinking Brain & Feeling Brain working together (an absolute MUST for Winning)

    • Putting the Pieces together in a run – diffusing pressure for both you and your horse