Rider Posture – The Half Seat POsition

This lesson has 4 parts
#1 – What is the purpose of the half seat position & the rider posture position in the half seat
-the taller your pelvis is, the easier this is to do

#2 – Why your saddle needs to fit to be able to do the half seat position

#3 – Are your hips level to start with

#4 – The half seat in motion
*Disclaimer – my heels are too low in this video
– this was my first time riding since having the tumor removed from my spine and I wanted to get the video recorded before losing my nerve or strength. I will be redoing this video with correct stirrup length.

Key Rider posture points:
-we don’t want an exaggerated heel down position – we want level feet
-we don’t want our toes pointed out – we want toes pointed forward
-we don’t want to lean forward – we want to sit tall and push up – flat back and sternum in
-we want weight in the balls of our feet
-we want our pubic bone raised slightly
-we want to keep our elbows as close to 90 at all time – close to the front of the body, but don’t clamp your arms to your side
-we want to use side knee/calf/leg pressure

Key Horse posture points:
-we want the horizontal center of balance level
-we want the sternum lifted
-we want the wither lifted & back flat