She wrecked a lot of good horses in her day

She wrecked a lot of good horses in her day…..

Although it wasn’t her fault. She tried.

She tried every clinic she could afford to get to. She tried every training drill she saw. She tried every supplement, mineral and feed that came on the market. She tried new bits, new saddles, new gadgets. She tried buying a better bred horse. She tried injections, teeth, osteopath, vet, massage and chiropractic.

She tried.

And yet she still wasn’t getting ahead on the clock.

So she tried something different.

She tried figuring out why none of it was working.

She started paying attention to how the horses moved and worked and what differences there was.

She noticed how many full strides the horses were taking and how that made them sounder.

She researched their build and posture and how the pattern changed for different horses and how it all clocked together.

And finally her tries started working.

It wasn’t the bit, the saddle, the supplements, the clinics in themselves, it was understanding which horses it applied to and when to use it.

It changed the way she looked at barrel racing and her horses as a whole.

They could communicate better and it really did become easier. The horses moved better and sounder and the clock got faster.

She understood what was challenging for her horse and what played to their strengths and they added strategy to their barrel runs.

It took away the anxiety and made barrel racing fun again and she became more consistent.

She understood Why and How barrel racing worked in a whole different way and it changed her world.