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We are the only horse related courses with a money back guarantee.

We guarantee we have knowledge to help you keep your horses sounder and have better performances in any discipline.


How the skeleton determines how their horse is designed to move and work. How you can make small adjustments to how you ask your horse to move to keep them sounder and perform at the best of their ability. How to read your horses skeleton like a book at put the pieces together.


Who to look to when you are stuck and need advice beyond what you can


What saddles, bits, reins, boots, pads, tie-downs or bonnets your horse needs (or doesn’t need) to insure their success and good communication.


When is the right time to keep pushing and when you should change strategy. When your horse is showing you they are ready to go faster, slide harder, work with more independence in their performance.


Where is the best path on a barrel pattern or reining pattern for your horse? Where does their transitions belong


Why some horses feel stiff and some feel flexible, why false flexibility is one of the top reasons for unsoundness and the multitude of injections in horses. Why a horse is a free runner or ratey. Why breeding and build need to be considered as a package.

And many many more bits of knowledge you will wish you knew before finding us.

All of our plans come with a 6 month subscription to Live Learning – we meet a minimum of 4 times weekly and you can ask questions about the content and get answers that pertain specifically to you.

We are accepting a limited number of New Members until Friday May 22nd.

We only take in small groups to make sure you get the attention you need to guarantee your success!

All of our new member sessions start with an orientation week and then the BEST bootcamp ever! Bootcamp will have 2 options - May 23&24 - 8am to 11am Central time, or May 27-29th 8pm-10pm Central Time.

Not Sure which Packages is right for You? Members can ALWAYS upgrade at anytime! Get your feet wet with Foundations of Barrel Racing and Grow from there!

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