I get just as squeamish as the next person when it comes to change but organization is undeniably a key to success.

#1 – Zoom calls will be sorted in 2 different ways – the last 7 calls (most recent) & by what lesson it relates to – access will still be based on your membership level

#2 – A new calendar is up for our live learning & special live event schedules & another one to book private zoom calls- I will make a special post about the private zoom calls separately

#3 – I am heading out doing some live clinics -so there will be occasional adjustments to the live learning schedule – I am working to schedule them on weekends so it doesn’t affect our regular classes as much – I have a meeting with to discuss opportunities to head south for a couple of weeks towards the end of September so stay tuned for those of you in the US.

#4 – Ask Anything & Live Learning classes will be back on separate links for recording purposes

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