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2 Week Schedule – Oct 19th to Oct 29th

Zoom Links will come via text message 30 mins before class starts as a reminder but they are always available on the Calendar as well if for some reason the link doesn’t reach you 🙂 Monday Oct 19th @ 9pm Central – ALL MEMBERS – Calling a Space a Spade why you need to embrace

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live class schedule

All Times are Central Daylight Time

All Classes will start with 'Ask Anything' and then go into the lesson

Schedule Changes For The Week:








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Special Report – Imposter Syndrom

I love learning new things and this one rocked my world – it puts a name to what many of us feel: Like we don’t belong Like we are “lucking” out Like we don’t “deserve” Deep down like we are a “sham” I recommend listening to the first few minutes of the audio book and

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July 30-2020 Special Report – Hauling in the Heat

What an amazing community we have. Ask and you shall have answers. Thank you to Anne-marie for the great question, for those of us that are not used to hauling in the heat. Here is a great list of tried and tested methods from professional trainers who haul long distances and race in the heat

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video drills challenge

Every students gets to submit 1 run per week for review and participate in our weekly drill challenge!


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