I built the performance horse academy for the horses.

That a horse is a servant and that you can break them down and make them go against everything they know and they will still work for you – so it is our responsibility to do our best. To work towards finding the balance between what we want to do and the physical boundaries the skeleton creates.

I treat horses as individuals – I see their bio-mechanics, their skeleton. I do not have biases for or against pedigrees, genders, height, color or their previous owners. I have worked hard to break those down, one by one. I work hard to earn a mutual respect with horses – to respect my space and my feelings and work hard to do the same with their own.

People can be trained to be servants too. We will go against every bit of self preservation we have sometimes to help others. In the movement of “Self Care” we forget that saying “No” is just as important as saying “Yes” – both Humans & Horses.

I struggle with people who loves horses, I give them a free pass, especially if they show interest in my research. I forget to use discretion, I forget to make sure their is a balance of respect.

At 41 years old I got hit like a freight train recently by a person who used me – it has been going on for almost a year – A few people gave me warnings about her and I didn’t listen to. It reminded me that I still have some issues with self preservation and saying no. When I did say no, she pitched a fit and got mean. You forget when this isn’t your nature, how nasty people can get.

I invite everyone to be mindful of any kryptonite that might be lurking and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it this week and always.

We cannot help our horses if we cannot take care of ourselves.

Making the performance horse academy website and courses have helped me draw lines in the sand. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for this. I don’t have to worry about people pretending to be my friend so I will help them. I am grateful for the friends I have made because of the performance horse academy. It has brought a clarity that I didn’t know I needed, but sometimes we can’t see the leaves for the trees.

I am also grateful every single day for the incredible group of riders the course has brought to me. Your questions keep digging things out of the filing cabinet and I can’t wait to see what else we dig out.

The schedule for July has 1 small change – Ask Anything will now be every evening before class instead of during the day. Summer is hectic for everyone.

I am going to add a few more weekend events as well – just confirming a few more details.

We also now have an Ask Anything question form below the calendar – ask a question – I will video the answers for everyone to see and post it 🙂

Hope to see you all whenever you have time to pop in to class or catch it on the replay.

Reach out if you have a question – text, messenger, call or email – you pick. I am in this for your success as always,


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