My mission with The Performance Horse Academy is to get you clocking faster, get & keep your horse sounder while bringing the Joy & Fun back into barrel racing.

On Tuesday I asked our Members to Share 1 or 2 sentences about how the Performance Horse Academy has impacted them and their horses.

No one received anything for doing this - no contests, no t-shirts, no freebies. They all did it to just tell others what benefit they have seen and why you should join. Clink on their image to hear their their own words in their own voices. It is in Alphabetical Order by first name.

Today is the final day on our biggest Sale of the year on Bundles - I don't want you to miss out - but I wanted you to hear it from others why you and your horse(s) belong here with us - Sam Winslow

Anne-marie Russ - DVM - Bellis, AB
Brooke Patton - Calgary, AB
Candis Molde - Parkbeg, SK
Cora Wutch - Medicine Hat, AB
Dina Miller - Rifle, Colorado
Jessica Barto - Chisholm, Minnesota
Lanette Lewis - Moose Jaw, SK
Trina Marshall - Medicine Hat, AB
Wendy Playfair - Leslieville, AB

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