The replays are up from Run Once Measure Twice – I love getting to share the knowledge I have researched and tested over the years and have enjoyed all of your feedback 🙂


One of the strangest and most fascinating parts of life is…

You don’t know WHAT you don’t know.

Everyone knows we don’t know everything – but what else is out there?

I don’t want anyone wondering what is in our course content.


It is so hard to summarize all of the information as there is A LOT – so it is easier just to ask you all – what do you want to know?


For Friday Nights Run Once Measure Twice Episode I will go through your questions and let everyone know if we have what you want to know in our course content.   


Just shoot a text message WITH YOUR NAME AND QUESTION to 1-888-938-4639 or send an email to


We are down to 6 Spots on our summer registration – get on your path to long term success and soundness in the barrel pen today by putting your name on one of them,

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