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Do you want Faster Runs on a Sounder, Happier Horse?  If so, you are in the right place!

We offer online based Courses/ Programs/ Lessons in Barrel Racing.

These are personalized barrel racing lessons and programs for you and your horse, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Guaranteed faster runs, consistently sounder horses & the most supportive community in the equine industry.

We are VERY different from other online based Courses/Programs.


it isn't just recorded content and email back and forth!

Our Courses/Programs & Lessons are based on


It is why we are the ONLY program in the WORLD with a GUARANTEE.

As a member of The Performance Horse Academy, you have access to all of the Course/Program/Lesson content you purchase IMMEDIATELY. 

We have hundreds of class replays and course content for your brain to feast on!

Would you like a 1/2 second off your run times?

For the first time you will truly understand why one pattern works for one horse and not another and which components YOUR horse needs simple things like some horses need a round circle and some need an oval – but it only clocks well if you choose the right one for your horses build

We teach you how to manage different set ups & ground and what your horse is built to kick ass on and what will be challenging.

How to find YOUR line to the 1st barrel every time you line up in the alley, so no more fretting!

Our program comes with a 1/2 second guarantee.

Did you know your horse came with a set of blueprints?

We will analyze & will go through your horses from head to toe.

We highlight the strengths and challenges of their build and how that applies to the pattern.

You send us pictures and a run and we send you back a report & a video showing:

  • Top 3 Time Stealers

  • Posture Analysis

  • Saddle & Rein Analysis

  • Job Analysis

  • What Pattern Strengths your horse will have

  • What Pattern Challenges your horse will have

Your horses skeleton accounts for a minimum of 80% of their athletic capacity.  Therefor, you really need to know how your horse is built to work.

Let's see if your saddle actually fits

You will learn HOW to measure YOU and YOUR HORSE to see what will work – how to check if the pad is the saint or the sinner – how to measure your body for best fit.

  • Did you know that it is MORE important that the saddle fits the rider than the horse?
  • Did you know your pad might be creating a false topline and pulling your saddle forward – pinching your horses scapula?

Money Back Guarantee

Step 1

Upload your horse's pictures & videos (there is a form to follow)

Step 2

Access the course or program you purchased - read the info, watch the videos

Step 3

We get to work on what you need to adjust with private sessions with your action plan



The Performance Horse Academy is unique.

We are the only personalized online Barrel Racing lesson program in the world that comes with a guarantee, because we use functional bio-mechanics and physics to make our recommendations

Barrel Racing Lessons

We give you the answers to all of the hard questions!

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  • What Bit Should I Use?
  • Does my Saddle Fit?
  • Is My Horse Travelling Sound?
  • Am I Going Too Fast (YES this is a thing!)?
  • Why does my horse fight me in a turn?

“This is 13 years of research put into usable information for every rider who wants a sound horse and to enjoy success"

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Performance Horse Academy content is built on proven data. No one else can say that they have proofed and found the major variables themselves in any other courses on the market.

We asked our members how The Performance Horse Academy has impacted them. Click on the members pictures below to hear how our members feel about our program!

Anne-marie Russ - DVM - Bellis, AB
Brooke Patton - Calgary, AB
Candis Molde - Parkbeg, SK
Cora Wutch - Medicine Hat, AB
Dina Miller - Rifle, Colorado
Janeen Rivard - St Eustache, MB
Jessica Barto - Chisholm, Minnesota
Lanette Lewis - Moose Jaw, SK
Trina Marshall - Medicine Hat, AB
Wendy Playfair - Leslieville, AB

Barrel Racing Lessons