Barrel Racing is Hard.

The Performance Horse Academy takes the guesswork out

If you do the practice, results are guaranteed:

Sounder, Faster, Happier Horses.

Meet your coach,

Samantha Winslow-Holmes

The diversity in our barrel horse breeding programs means there is no “one size fits all” for pattern, turn and posture in barrel horses anymore.

This is exciting, because more horses can be successful as barrel horses than any other discipline BUT this also means you have to restyle your riding to the horse you are on for it to work for THEIR build.

At the Performance Horse Academy, we teach you what pattern and turn style your horse needs and why they need it, right from the comfort of your home.

This program is about what is going to work for YOU and YOUR HORSE.

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Our Mission For You and your horse:

Sounder, Happier Horse

Our program works for each individual horse depending on their own specific needs! Your horse will be so much happier when you understand their body better!

Faster Runs

1/2 second off the clock, guaranteed, with unlimited private coaching and lifetime access to our lessons and life learning.

Eliminate Frustrations

You will know why things work and why they don’t for both you and your horse and know how to change it. This Eliminates your frustrations finally!

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