You want Faster Runs on a Sounder, Happier Horse.
We have the answers.

We are the only customized ONLINE coaching program for barrel racers with a 100% success rate


 I get results for everyone who wants to have faster barrel racing times and a sounder, happier horse, by instructing riders to do what they need and what their horse needs.

I don’t tell you what I do when I ride, because that isn’t relevant to you – you aren’t built like me – and our horses might not be the same either. So why would you do what I do?

This program is about what is going to work for YOU and YOUR HORSE.

This program is 100% backed by research that has been proven by the timers through interval timing and bio-mechanics and delivered by a certified athletic coach. That is why it is successful.

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You will receive INSTANT access to our lessons and replays when you sign up for one of our memberships!

We are VERY different from other online based Courses/Programs in the BEST way!

1.  you get immediate access to all of the lessons and content of our program as soon as you sign up

2.  We create a blueprint for you and your horse.  This tells you what tack adjustments you need, what path your horse needs, how fast you need to travel and anywhere your horse is struggling with their posture.

3.  you get weekly live group sessions with Q&A- you post your runs on our PRIVATE & SAFE social feed – collaboration and celebration with other students!

4.  we give you unlimited, Private one on one sessions through Zoom to help you climb your way up the divisions!

  • Your horse will get and stay sounder.
  • You will understand why what you were doing isn’t working and how to change it.
  • You only need to show up and work through the lessons, it is that easy!
  • The information in our program is easily adaptable and works for each individual horse depending on their own specific needs!
  • It eliminates so many of the frustration’s that equestrians feel!
  • Your horse will be so much happier when you understand their body better!

5. performance Horse Academy content is built on proven data.
we are proud to be the only program in the industry to be able to make that claim