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We go live from the barn, live from the office, live from the arena – We come at you every way and every where we can to help you implement the data!  You will not find a coach more dedicated to your success!

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Riders are seeing instant results. We can help you create action plans.  We have guaranteed results!  No more relying on terms like ‘feel’ and ‘horsemanship’.  Learn to assess if your horse is struggling with soundness.

Performance Horse Academy courses are built on proven data ONLY - we have the math, physics, bio-mechanics & results to prove everything we teach. You will not find this quality of data anywhere else - it is why we are the only course with a money back guarantee.

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What should you be measuring when it comes to you and your horse in relation to the Barrel Pattern?

This FREE 5 part Series is going to explore 5 different areas of measurement and what effect they have on your success!

All topics will cover both Humans & Horses and cover Saddle Fit, Height, Reins & Pattern Measurements!

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We have answers that will CHANGE your Barrel Racing runs and times for the better and get you to the division you and your horse belong in!

Our knowledge is proven by facts & results.  We will give you the knowledge to understand what makes your horse unique and how to adapt to what your horse requires.

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“I have created ThePHA for every person, horse and discipline...”

By assessing a horses build and biomechanics we can determine so many things and make simple changes that will help our horses move better, clock faster and stay sounder.
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