We get barrel racers faster times in the barrel pen by getting their horses travelling sounder and eliminating pattern frustrations. #knowmoredobetter

The Performance Horse Academy offers a unique online course system for Barrel Racers . We are the only program in the world that teaches you when and why your horse needs something different through bio-mechanics.

We show you how to either adjust your path to match your horse or hand pick your next prospect for the style you like.

Online courses give you the opportunity to learn with more flexibility to participate while balancing work, family and your horses.

It is flexible enough to help beginners through professional racers with added bonus’ to make this a fun, inventive learning dynamic for all of our students!

online LESSONS

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a clinic and not being able to take all of the information in – we have fixed that problem!  The course content you purchase is available to you for life.  Our Courses cover topics starting with horses’ skeletons and what the can tell us to tack and mental management for a rider.

Live Learning Sessions

We go live via Zoom from various locations to enhance our program and your learning experience- from the barn, from the office, from the arena – Our course has more live and interactive opportunities for our members than anyone else in the industry!


To enhance your knowledge we also have additional challenges so the information you are learning can be used in real time in real life!

Results Guaranteed

Riders are seeing instant results on the clock and the soundness of their horse.



Step 1

Purchase a Bundle or Course

Step 2

Get immediate access to your course information

Step 3

Join us for live sessions and replays of all of the content with new content EVERY week!

We give you the answers to all of the hard questions!

  • What Bit Should I Use?
  • Does my Saddle Fit?
  • Is My Horse Travelling Sound?
  • Am I Going Too Fast (YES this is a thing!)?
  • How can I stop my horse from blowing by or off a barrel?

We will show you what adjustments to make in your pattern to maximize your horses soundness while beating the clock - it doesn't get any better than that!

No More Wondering Why You Are:

  • Knocking Barrels
  • Running Up The Wall
  • Running By A Barrel
  • Shouldering
  • Or ANY Of The Other Issues We ALL Struggle With!

We will show you WHY it is happening and HOW to stop it!

“This is 13 years of research put into a usuable package of knowledge for every rider who has a need for speed and wants to shut off the clock"

Samantha winslow

We asked our members how The Performance Horse Academy has impacted them. Click on the members pictures below to hear how our members feel about our program!

Anne-marie Russ - DVM - Bellis, AB
Brooke Patton - Calgary, AB
Candis Molde - Parkbeg, SK
Cora Wutch - Medicine Hat, AB
Dina Miller - Rifle, Colorado
Janeen Rivard - St Eustache, MB
Jessica Barto - Chisholm, Minnesota
Lanette Lewis - Moose Jaw, SK
Trina Marshall - Medicine Hat, AB
Wendy Playfair - Leslieville, AB

Live Free Session!

We discuss topics affecting the barrel racing industry.

Breaking down the myths & discussing everything Barrel Racing!

Performance Horse Academy content is built on proven data. No one else can say that they have proofed and found the major variables themselves in any other courses on the market.