Special Live Invite

The Invites to Zoom have already gone out for tonight – We would love to see you on Facebook live and you will get to be part of the the Zoom Panel next week 🙂 Sam


Join us to discuss why you have to know why things work or don’t work instead of just believing marketing. Marketing is a HUGE industry. YOU ARE BEING MARKETED! Just because you paid more for a product doesn’t mean it works better or even at all! “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is an expression used to refer …

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Horse Posture/Job/Structure Analysis

Please send an email to info@thepha.net after you submit your assessment saying you have filled in the informaiton- do not leave this page until you get a confirmation message. The pictures will take a while to upload, please have patience – it helps if you are connected through Wifi.

You Are In!

You are in! Make sure to check your email and CONFIRM the link by clicking on it and you should receive a text message within 5 mins. If you don’t get these, please emails us at info@thepha.net

Day One-2

Today is about Self Care & Using Root Cause Sometimes the things we do that aren’t good for ourselves aren’t the root cause – just effects from other things. I am addicted to working on my computer – I tell myself I am “working” but the reality is, I never make the choice to stop. …

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