Barrel Racer Rehab – Part 3.1 – Pattern Adjustments

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arrow-left Back To All Courses Pattern Adjustments We talked about the changes on the line to the 1st Barrel in the previous lesson and now we are going to talk about the rest of the pattern. Unbalanced Patterns -2nd Barrel and 2nd to 3rd Adjustment I see this a lot in small buildings and growing […]

Barrel Racer Rehab – Part 2.1 – The Line to 1st

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arrow-left Back To All Courses Stop Following Someone Else’s Path The only benefit to being on the top of the ground is there are higher odds you will choose the correct path for your horse, not just follow the foot steps in the ground and take someone else’s path BUT if you are used to […]

Putting the Knowledge to Practice

Walking your way into a Winning Run I would like to talk about one of my successes with helping someone and one of the biggest reasons I decided to make my “learnings” into this program.  Monica Sem is a partner in  She was a customer first and we got to know each other over […]

An unwelcome brake

Feb 2020 was a weird month for a lot of reasons.  Covid 19 was really gaining a foothold in the mainstream media and our everyday lives. I have always had a sensitive system – my lymph nodes under my arms, my neck and my groin have become increasingly “vocal” over the years when I over […]